The Jax Wash & Wax

Need A Car Wash Jax? We're the Go-To for Auto Wash & Wax Service in Jacksonville

Auto Wash & Wax

At C3 Auto Pros we recognize that not all vehicle owners are seeking comprehensive auto detailing, paint correction, or ceramic coating. Perhaps you're simply after an effective exterior gloss boost and protection. If that's the case, we offer the Jax Wash and Wax.

This package is specifically designed to provide your vehicle's exterior with a thorough cleaning and a significant gloss enhancement. The process involves decontaminating the paint using a detailer's clay, also known as a "clay bar".

Once your vehicle is meticulously cleaned and decontaminated, the surface will be silky smooth, primed for a layer of our high-quality carnauba wax. This wax layer serves as a shield, protecting your vehicle from UV rays and other harsh environmental elements.

The Jax Wash and Wax Package comes with the following

Here's what you get:

  • Thoroughly wash exterior of vehicle.

  • Clay bar ( decontaminate paint )

  • Clean door jambs and gas cap.

  • Apply premium Wax/Sealant for gloss and protection.

  • Clean wheels, wheel wells, and tires

  • Dress tires with a premium no sling dressing for a natural shine and protection.

  • Clean windows ( Exterior only )

Detailers clay is abrasive, and because of this, we recommend that after the use of a clay bar treatment, a light one pass paint polish is performed to remove any light scratching, swirling, or marring that may occur. (See our paint correction packages for more information).

Straight Forward Pricing

Price is based on size, type, and condition of vehicle


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